Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trip to Greece

In preparation for our upcoming trip to Greece, I'm painting this picture of an inn in Napflio (my first digression from doing flowers) that we will be staying at for four nights -- we can hardly wait!

My "Colorful Flowers" exhibit

I started painting with acrylics in October 2010 at the Marcy Wheeler Studio in Walnut Creek, CA. My friend Joanne Taeuffer, an accomplished artist, introduced me into the Thursday morning group. Now, at Jt's urging, I have decided to go public!

The "Colorful Flowers" exhibit is actually on my studio/living/dining room wall at home. In October, I'm going to exhibit the large framed piece in the middle, a 24x30 canvas that I call "My Sunshine," at the El Cerrito (CA) Art Association Annual Exhibit. I'm both excited and nervous about that. Wish me luck!